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Vuse - FAQS

Could my vuse ePen catch fire, explode, give an electric shock?
Be asured, we have designed all our Vuse devices with multiple safety features. Over-voltage is included, so you won't get a shock from it. A timed charging cut-off means you can't overcharge it, either. But to be absolutely certain, charge your Vuse devices with the right Vuse charging equipment and follow the instructions in your user guide.
How long does a cartridge / Vuse vpro ePen cap last?
It is the same as our existing Vuse ePen caps. Each Vuse vPro ePen cap delivers approximately 360 puffs in laboratory testing using the lower power / voltage button and 300 puffs using the higher power / voltage button, but it will depend on your personal vaping behaviour.
Can I refill the Vuse ePen?
The Vuse ePen cannot be refilled, our no-spill caps make it easy to switch flavours on the go. You can even switch to a new flavour before you've finished your current one, which makes it easy to switch flavours throughout the day.
How do I pour the e-Liquid from the bottle?
You'll find two pressure points on the side of the lid. Press these and lift the lid. You will need to press gently on the soft spot on the side of the e-Liquid bottle as you pour the e-Liquid into the tank.
If I spill Vuse e-Liquid, will it stain my clothing?
If any e-Liquid is given time to absorb into a fabric, it may leave a mark. It's best to wash it off immediately, and seek professional cleaning guidance if you have any concerns.
What should I do if I spill Vuse e-Liquid on my skin?
Wash it off immediately with plenty of soap and water. If you have any concerns please seek medical advice.
How do I lock/unlock my ePen?
Please click either button on your device three times (within 2 seconds) to lock or unlock the device, as per instructions in the leaflet.
What will happen if I accidentally pour the e-Liquid into the central tube?
We have designed the Vype eTank so that it's not easy to pour the e-Liquid into the centre. However, in the instance any e-Liquid did enter the inner tube, the device is likely to stop working. In this case the eTank clearomiser would need replacing.
How many ML of e-Liquid is inside each cap?
Each Vype ePen cap contains 1.5ml of Vype e-Liquid. Vype ePen 3 caps contain 2ml.


How long does one bottle of e-Liquid last?
Using the Evolve as an example, one bottle of e-Liquid should last approximately 250 puffs. This is to be determined however, by the users vaping habits.
When should I change the coil?
The coil will need changing when the user experiences a dry hit lacking a vape volume. Approximately the Evolve coil should last 7 − 10 days. This is dependent upon the users vaping habits.
How do you switch the device on/off?
Both the Cirro 2 and Evolve have a 5 click on/off mechanism. By pressing the main button 5 times on both products within 2 seconds, both products will switch on/off.
How do you know that the device is charged?
When fully charged the LED indicator on the Evolve will flash 3 times and then go out. On the Cirro 2 the LED button will flash 5 times and then go out.
Which e-Liquids should I use for my device?
We recommend using our Cirro 50/50 range of e-Liquids for the Evolve, which consists of our Blends, Heritage, Mono 50/50 and Bakery ranges. As the Evolve provides more power due to Sub-Ohm vaping it requires a thicker liquid. The Cirro 2 we recommend using our Mono range, as this range is much thinner in liquid form and better when used with a Clearomiser containing a wick.


Which VIP e-CIG should i buy to get started?
Our cartomiser electronic cigarette kits are simple to use, come in a range of nicotine strengths and flavours. The Compact Tobacco Cartomiser Kit is a popular choice as it contains 2 packs of cartomiser refills, a battery and charging equipment.
Can I use VIP products to quit smoking?
Due to the results from a number of research studies, attitudes regarding the use of electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation aids are changing. The NHS and Public Health England are amongst the official bodies who are now publishing reports on the positive aspects of vaping, including how they are successfully used by many as an aid to quitting the habit.
Is nicotine harmful?
Nicotine is not a known carcinogenic and links to health issues are mostly inconclusive, but it is addictive. In excessive quantities it is classed as a poison, which is why toxic labelling is required. VIP e-CIG nicotine levels are well below the legally permissible limit.
How do I know when a VIP e-CIG battery needs recharging?
The tip flashing is a low power warning which indicates the battery needs to be recharged.
The VIP e-cig battery can be recharged at any point of the usage cycle. If you can avoid fully discharging the battery repeatedly and recharge the battery before the tip blinks it will help to prolong its lifespan.
When should I upgrade my electronic cigarette?
No time like the present. If you are asking yourself this question then you are probably already thinking about upgrading. We have an exciting range of products for you to choose from, so if you are looking to move on from our cig-a-like products or if you are looking to get a cutting edge Sub-Ohming mod, you will not be disappointed by the choose we have to offer.
Are VIP cartomisers & e-Liquids suitable for vegetarians?
Yes. The VIP e-cig main ingredients are; Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Gylcerine, Nicotine and Flavourings, and is therefore suitable for vegetarians.
Which strength of refill or e-Liquid should I choose?
Cartomiser refill and e-liquid strength is a personal preference. We provide the following purely as a guide.
Strong 20mg (2.0% per ml) – 15 to 20+ cigarettes per day or trying to limit nicotine consumption
Regular 16mg (1.6% per ml) – 10 to 15 cigarettes per day or trying to limit nicotine consumption
Mild 11mg (1.1% per ml) – 10 cigarettes or less per day or trying to limit nicotine consumption
Zero 0mg – Nicotine-free solution
Please note that the majority of our e-Liquids have nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg to 20mg
How do I know when the cartomiser needs changing?
There are a number of signals that indicate the cartomiser needs to be changed. The volume of vapour will decrease or some vapour will still be visible, but the flavour may start to taste slightly bitter.
Before you change the refill it's a good idea to check that the battery has sufficient power. Always make sure your battery is in perfect working order. An undercharged, damaged or old battery will not vaporise the refill ingredients efficiently which can lead to loss of vapour and the need to replace cartomisers more frequently.
Can you provide any battery safety information?

VIP electronic cigarettes have safe-circuitry and overcharge protection built-in. 
However, storing your battery or using your battery incorrectly may damage the incorporated safety features.

Important Battery Safety Information:

  • Never charge or leave the battery in the charger overnight
  • Never charge a battery for longer than stated
  • Never leave a battery charging while unattended
  • Never place a battery next to mobile phones, e-readers or magnetised objects
  • Never charge a battery with a damaged adaptor
  • Never attempt to charge a battery that has been dropped or damaged
  • Never charge with an unspecified charger
  • Never charge with a modified charger
  • Never attempt to modify the battery
  • Never disassemble a battery
  • Never dispose of batteries in fire or water
  • Always beware of static electricity
  • Always use the adaptor supplied with your battery
  • Always keep your batteries away from extreme sources of heat
  • Always recharge the battery if fully discharged
How long do clearomisers last?
We recommend replacing the clearomisers within 30 days of first use. All clearomisers are consumable and personal usage and maintenance will affect their lifespan which makes it very difficult to determine how long each one
will last.

For your safety, always refill with VIP's specially formulated e-Liquids. Refilling the clearomisers with sub-standard, low quality or inaccurately formulated e-Liquids may significantly reduce or damage the clearomiser and
Photon battery.



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